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Professional Wireless LAN solutions

Our solution prioritises the full and comprehensive use of the proposed technology, providing companies with all the key specifics in terms of security, analysis and operational optimisation.

Infrastructure Wireless Local Area Network

Design of solutions and spectral analysis

With the company strategy in mind we use technology and architecture that reflects the dynamic development of the firm, enabling it to achieve the maximum possible efficiency in the deployment and operation of its wireless network.

We trust in successful technology

A WLAN solution, as one part of the company’s networking, calls for a comprehensive approach and innovative flexibility. Therefore, for more extensive infrastructure we use products and technology from the market leaders, Cisco, Cisco Meraki and HPE Aruba. For smaller projects we use MikroTik technology.

Operational analysis

Sophisticated analytical tools and central WLAN administration enable us not only to acquire status information, but especially to identify the type of clients and their traffic, localise them, and make a statistical assessment of the information. This analytical data helps to increase security, inventorization and optimisation.

Network operational security

We do not underestimate the security aspects of our solutions, such as authentication, access control, data confidentiality, data integrity, automatic interference detection and elimination mechanisms, and more.

Localisation in wireless networks

In recent years there has been a boom in the use of mobile devices, meaning the ability to precisely determine the location of a particular device is becoming increasingly important.

Knowledge of this position may be used to enable customers to navigate better, but also to optimise material flows in factories or for precise advertisement targeting.

CISCO WLAN infrastructure

A wireless network in any environment

No need to consider the environment when choosing Wi-Fi technology. With Cisco products you have a wireless solution whatever the weather.

The Cisco portfolio includes not only indoor and outdoor access points with IP67 protection, but also access points for explosive areas.

Centralised solution

The most important building block in a centralised Wi-Fi network is the WLC (Wireless Lan Controller), which enables you to control all access points conveniently from one place.

Cisco WLC are highly scalable, from dozens to thousands of access points. The range also includes WLC intended for a virtual environment.

High availability

The times when a wireless network was merely an accessory accompanying the classic cable network are long gone, and so high availability must be ensured under all circumstances. This may be achieved using a second WLC. A CAPWAP tunnel is set up from the AP to the primary WLC, which synchronises its database with a secondary WLC. If the primary WLC fails, the secondary WLC is activated in a manner of milliseconds.

CISCO Meraki WLAN solutions

Cisco Meraki is the representative for cloud solutions

It offers easy-to-manage and cost- effective wireless solutions bringing new “Fast IT” trends and advanced management tools to Cloud Networking. Wi-Fi access points for environments with a high device density, more than 100 clients per AP, 802.11n/ac standards.

Effective resource management

Cisco Meraki offers support for traffic management - QoS, filtering and bandwidth management - defining applications, including the option to block them completely, bandwidth limits at the level of users, groups, WLAN SSID.

Centralised Cloud solution management

The sophisticated Meraki Dashboard enables complete control over users, applications and devices all from one place. It offers considerable benefits in the form of multi-level management: automated functions - network monitoring and sending events, distribution of firmware, etc., zero-touch provisioning – configuration can be created in advance with no physical device needed, inventorization of devices in the network, etc.

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