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Flowmon Network Monitoring and Security Solutions

What is Flowmon?

It is a complete, powerful, and scalable solution from Flowmon Networks a.s. for monitoring networks based on data flows (NetFlow/IPFIX standards and more). Enables analysis of network behaviour, diagnostics of network and application performance problems, stopping DDoS attacks, etc., bringing a detailed overview of network traffic and its structure:

  • Control over the behaviour of devices and users
  • Overview of the network communication structure and effective troubleshooting
  • Bandwidth utilization and WAN line optimization
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Personalized reporting

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Flowmon Monitoring Centrum (FMC)

Basic software module for central monitoring and visualization of data streams in the monitored network.

Using FMC can analyse data communication in detail, up to the application layer (L7) of the OSI model. FMC enables efficient troubleshooting, increased security, and optimization of network services in the corporate network. 
FMC offers:

  • Predefined profiles for standard protocols
  • User-definable views of data communication
  • Automatic reporting settings
  • Statistics on charts and tables
  • Top N statistics (services, protocols, servers, websites), etc.

Application Performace Monitoring

APM extension software module for real time analysis of application performance and availability. It is possible to monitor applications based on HTTP/HTTPS, as well as communication between the application and database server. This is an agent-less solution that does not affect the measured statistics in any way.
Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring provides information on:

  • Time duration of the processing of individual transactions
  • Delays occurring at the network layer
  • Delays occurring on the server
  • The number of users working with the application
  • Individual transactions at the level of individual users (size, time, IP addresses).

LAN and WLAN management

Administration of network devices

This is involved in the operation of all active network elements, switches, routers, wireless network elements and HW firewalls used in network infrastructure. More extensive solutions use tools that enable the centralised surveillance and management of active elements.

These are the main applications used by network administrators and they must therefore be sufficiently modular and contain a comprehensive set of functions for the centralised administration of the entire LAN/WLAN / (SAN/FCoE) environment.

They typically contain - batch job processing (mass configuration changes, FW updates), a clear visualization of the environment, event management with configurable alerts, and sophisticated monitoring, analytical and reporting tools.

Cisco Prime®

Simple and effective administration and management across architectures, networks and services is divided into three areas:

Cisco Prime® Infrastructure - solution for complete LAN / WLAN network management:
  • Administer Access Layer and Users
  • Configuration and policy management
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and reporting
  • Inventory installed base and management of service contracts
  • Support for all phases of the life cycle

Cisco Prime® Collaboration -simplifies the deployment and management of voice services and video transmission

Cisco Prime® Assurance - provides traffic view and problem analysis

HPE Intelligent Management (IMC)

HPE Intelligent Management Center is designed for planning, centralized management and monitoring of computer networks implemented not only on HPE and HPE Aruba facilities. IMC is a modular software architecture simply expandable with extension features.

Provides element access management, identity management, traffic analysis and user behavior (NTA / UBA modules), application performance monitoring (APM), VPN configuration (IVM), wireless network management including map background and spectrum analysis (WSM) (UCM), advanced reporting (iAR), VM policy management (VCM), FCoE data center fabric management (VFM), SLA module, and more.

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