an optimally functioning unit

System Integration Services

..... is a standard tool for managing ICT operations in a complex and heterogeneous environment.

ICT – an optimally functioning unit

The main benefit is a well-defined objective

This means an easy-to-maintain, expandable, optimally functioning unit that provides significant added value and reduces operating costs. This then enables the user to focus fully on the core business.

A comprehensive approach is the primary feature

The process of system integration is not merely about the correct integration and operation of components of IT infrastructure. It links all areas (individual subsystems, heterogeneous systems, etc.) into a single whole, including related operational and business processes.

System integrator

We provide system integration on a contractual basis, meaning we take responsibility for the comprehensive functionality of the user’s IT/ICT, from the development concept based on the customer’s current needs and perspectives right through to the day-to-day operation, its quality and overall uptime.

We shoulder the burden

We handle all the technical aspects of the integration process.  
We are responsible for the functionality of the ICT as a whole, as well as the availability of company services.
We create an IT development concept, including increasing the efficiency of ITC use over time, in accordance with the aims of that particular business.

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Comprehensive and professional ICT services

  • Hardware service
  • Software support
  • Consultation support

NetApp Professional Services and Support Services Certified Partner

Once again, this year we have become the most successful Czech partner for NetApp.

We read our clients’ lips

Your partner for complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

SALTO is a private Czech company which for a long time now has been successfully specialising in the provision of complex solutions and professional services in the field of information and communications technology while showing respect for its competitors.

More than 25 years on the market

In 2015 our company achieved an important milestone, celebrating a quarter of a century on the Czech market. Thank you to all our customers for their support and trust.

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