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Virtualization – the constant mantra of the modern-day ICT world

“Virtualization” is one of the most commonly used terms and appears in all areas of modern ICT.
We specialise primarily in the most widespread area, the virtualization of data centre HW – servers, networks, data storage.

Main advantages of virtualization

Consolidation and optimisation

Reduction in operating costs, more efficient use of computing resources, hardware consolidation, flexible resource management (dynamic allocation, resource removal) energy savings, centralised administration, simplified migration and backup/restore processes, disaster recovery.

Something for every firm

The use of virtualization tools has become the standard for large enterprises, but the suitability of implementing certain virtual solutions will also be appreciated by small and medium-sized business (SMB).
Our company will explain the options offered by virtualization components, will assess the benefits of using them in your business and will draft a solution for you.

Server virtualization

Increasing operational efficiency

In the form of the consolidation of server infrastructure making better use of HW resources and process automation. Increasing operational security through support for DR processes, ensuring the high availability of tools for moving VM and integrated tools for creating VM clones, backups, snapshots, etc. Centralised administration, supervision and access to applications ensure greater work flexibility and more complex operational control in the virtualized environment.

Server virtualization properties

Virtual machines (VM) with various different OS run on a hypervisor and are independent of server HW. Individual VMs can be dynamically changed by assigning HW resources according to the operational needs of applications, can be moved to other physical servers without interrupting operations, or can be replicated into another data centre or cloud. This enables new virtual machines and applications to be rapidly deployed and testing and development environments to be quickly built.

We offer solutions

We implement solutions using the two most widespread platforms, VMware vSphere® and Microsoft Hyper-V® , including their advanced features for increasing HA availability, security, replication and backup, or tools for migration purposes, etc.

Thanks to our many years of experience in server virtualization we are able to offer comprehensive services – needs analyses for companies, drafting a suitable solution and selecting technology with regard to CTO, complete implementation, training and our 24/7 Support and Service.

Data storage virtualization

Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Like SDN, software defined storage is changing the way in which data is stored, and is seen as a service which is independent of specific hardware. The central SDS system, which brings together all the available data sources, controls the storage of data from virtual machines using defined policies – rules for individual data storage tasks. The SDS solution is also highly flexible and uses dynamic and automatic processes to manage allocated resources – data capacities and their performance. It also enables the behaviour and functionality of these sources - replication, backup, snapshots, etc., to be configured. In addition, it enables flexible configuration changes, dynamic property changes, etc.            


Network virtualization

Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Software defined networks bring a new look at architecture in the network virtualization environment, separating power (routing) logic from control logic. Routing devices pass on the management of the SDN network to a controller.  The advantage of this type of convergent infrastructure is that it enables effective central network administration, flexible configuration changes, dynamic property changes, network function virtualization (NFV), better use of network resources and the resulting savings on operational costs.





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