We supply and our ICT infrastructure projects use reliable and powerful server systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Proven technology is a step in the right direction

Multi-Vendor approach

When designing a suitable solution, we use product lines from most of the leading renowned brands, as well as the technological advantages of their systems and sophisticated SW management tools. 

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HPE
  • IBM
  • DELL

For small and Mission-Critical App

We deliver and implement server systems for small standard applications as well as for Mission-Critical applications based on processor platforms - Intel x86, IA-64 Itanium, and IBM Power®.

Server solutions with SW support for various virtualization environments VMware vSphere®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix XenServer®, and OS MS Windows Server®, Linux®, AIX®, HP-UX®, and VSI OpenVMS.

Performance, reliability and integrity

We offer computing power solutions for your data centres that meet the strictest requirements for server infrastructure efficiency – the entire infrastructure lifetime, environmental protection and lower energy consumption, and effective use of computing resources by choosing suitable virtualization, integration, and central management tools and technology.

We trust renowned brands

Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE

An extensive product line of reliable server systems offers the possibility of solving any business requirement.  

  • Rack, tower servers, and Blade systems x86 HPE ProLiant™.
  • Mission-critical servers HPE Integrity with HP-UX® and OpenVMS OS.
  • HPE Synergy - Composable Infrastructure combining traditional and new approaches to information technology.
  • HPE Apollo Servers - High-performance computing systems designed to provide the aggregate performance you need to solve complex problems.

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Cisco Unified Computing System™

Server architecture implemented as a powerful virtualization solution dominating the scalability and integration of computing power approaches and data, network resources into a single device. Cisco UCS® supports Microsoft Hyper-V®, VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer® hypervisors, and integrates other technologies, such as VMware – direct access of virtual machines to hardware (VM-FEX). Cisco Unified Computing System™ and Cisco Server Management are essential elements of converged Cisco FlexPod and hyperconverged Cisco HyperFlex platforms.

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Dell EMC

A comprehensive range of servers and systems.

  • Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers - scalable and efficient rack server solutions that can be implemented in any IT environment, provide high-performance computing solutions.
  • Modular Infrastructure - flexible servers, networks, and storage in Dell EMC's modular infrastructure enable accurate job optimization for traditional and cloud environments. Dell EMC offers HPC for computationally intensive work on discs and scalability workloads.

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Lenovo ThinkSystems

Product line of systems enabling the solution of various tasks in the field of computing power. Lenovo offers ThinkSystem SR racks and ThinkSystem ST tower systems, ThinkSystem SN series blade servers for Flex System Ent., Edge compact ThinkSystem SE solution for intelligent connectivity, security, and manageability in demanding environments, and High Performance Computing (HPC) SD Series systems.

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Why choose our server infrastructure solutions?

Design, implementation, integration

SALTO offers professional solution design and supplies of server infrastructure, as well as installation and integration work performed by our own qualified technical team.

In our designs, we place emphasis on what the customer actually needs for the business's plans. We always strive to achieve an optimal and effective TCO setup.

Comprehensive support for solutions

We can properly integrate equipment into your IT infrastructure; if needed, we can link devices up to LAN, SAN, virtualized infrastructure, disk arrays, etc.

The quality and high availability of our solutions are enhanced by the comprehensive 24/7 Support and Service warranty and post-warranty services we offer in various types of SLA.

Operational optimisation of solutions

When caring for equipment throughout its lifetime, we monitor and assess the operational aspects and behaviour of the solution over time and proactively respond to dynamic requirements to increase performance by correctly optimizing resources or HW expansions and upgrades, including for equipment no longer sold by the manufacturer - End-Of-Life products.

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