Next-Generation Firewalls as the first line of defense.

Access control and security.

Detection of anomalies and incidents.


Firewall – the first line of defence

Next-Generation Firewalls

NGFW (Next-Generation Firewalls) is a solution that integrates multiple security technologies previously used as standalone solutions.

It is the all-in-one device with integrated features - firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS (detection and prevention of penetration), antivirus, antispam, antispyware, filtering website content, and tools for monitoring activity within the network.

We offer customers from this field solutions and Next-Generation Firewalls from

Palo Alto Networks and CISCO.

CISCO® Adaptive Security Appliance

CISCO ASA is an application firewall with advanced features, expandable to inspect various application protocols on the L7 layer.

The device combines firewall, basic gateway functions (DHCP relay), IDS/IPS, and VPN concentrator, including Site-to-Site VPN for branch offices. Contains features such as protection against DDoS attacks in real time, detection and filtering of viruses, spyware, etc.

The device offers Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, enhanced by FirePower with AMP Threat Grid technology for dynamic threat analysis. More+

Cisco® Meraki MX Security Appliance

Meraki Security Appliance is a cloud-controlled application state security gateway, featuring advanced firewall, IPS, CIPA content filtering and SafeSearch, Anti-Virus, Auto VPN, and Advanced Malware Protection.

The appliance makes user and device control, L7 application layer inspection. Rapid response to new security threats is ensured by continually updating the signatures of the cloud threats. The centralized cloud management Meraki Dashboard enables fast deployment of the device and centralized distribution of security policies. More+

Access management and security

Securing access to the network

Not even the best firewall or antivirus software can protect a company network from all possible threats. The security of any extensive business network is based on the proper verification and management of the identity of the device attempting to access the network via a physical connection, or via Wi-Fi or VPN. The aim is to provide and control access to the network by the correct device, with the option to restrict network access to block potentially dangerous devices and other devices attempting to maintain access outside the network.

Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE)

The Cisco ISE ensures secure and highly granular access to business networks and to individual network resources according to the company’s internal rules. Precise identification of each user, device and contextual data enable competence for work in the network to be verified in accordance with the company’s policies. Users and devices that are granted access to network resources but do not comply with one of the defined policies are a potential threat and their access is restricted. 

HPE Aruba ClearPass 

Fully integrated and comprehensive 802.1X solution for managing security access policies. Allows companies to control user and device access to LANs, wireless WLANs, and remote VPNs. In addition to local DB users, it is also possible to connect to the AD, LDAP, SQL ODBC identity directory. ClearPass supports all common protocols TLS, TTLS, PEAP, GTC, MSCHAPv2, MD5, MAC address authentication, etc. It also allows management of applications and client devices, Device Health control of client SW before connecting to the network.

Anomaly and Incident Detection

I can’t manage what I can’t control

Merely setting up a perimeter wall with fast and regular signature updates is no longer enough to protect against modern types of threats. Identifying risk and non-standard behaviour in data applications and systems properly and well in advance can minimize the potential threat to your business network.

Anomaly detection and analysis of data network behaviour by monitoring data flows are essential aspects of modern security management in ICT. 

GREYCORTEX solutions

MENDEL performs network traffic analysis with a focus on advanced machine learning. Helps secure your network, including the SCADA environment, protect data, reduce risk, and maintain security.

Offers full L7 layer network visibility for each device, including IoT/BYOD, various detection techniques to capture the full spectrum of unknown threats, and enables integration capability with existing firewall infrastructure, SIEM, etc., for rapid response. More +

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System

Flowmon ADS represents a technology for detecting anomalies and threats based on behavioural analysis of NetFlow data obtained from the data network.

It thus reveals a number of security and operational risks for which there are no signatures. Monitors and evaluates the standard behaviour of individual devices in the network and automatically reports any deviations. It is a SW module that is installed on a Flowmon collector or Flowmon probe. More+

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