We offer you a solution, the main goal of which is to ensure comprehensive, effective, and secure access to company data.

We ensure the high availability of your data

Technologically advanced solutions

We place emphasis on security, availability and performance in our comprehensive data storage and management solutions. In doing so, we use modern technology that is highly effective and flexible for dealing with even the most complex assignments.

Depending on the type and scope of the project, we opt for proven and constantly innovative technology from NetApp, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HPE.

Security and high availability

To ensure the best results, the most important thing is to start by defining the risks and the nature of the data in question for all related ICT services.

We always strive to design comprehensive solutions with the best RPO availability indicator and reduce the data recovery point to zero loss. We use suitable combinations of SLA and advanced backup and replication technology and cluster HA functions to achieve this.

Unified architecture

Our solutions are predominantly based on disk devices with a unified architecture, which are able to offer diverse access to SAN + NAS data (block FC/FCoE/iSCSI and NFS/CIFS file access), the flexibility to increase capacity and to scale out performance, and with tools to optimize data storage and administration – deduplication, compression, tiering, thin provisioning, etc.

NetApp,Inc. technology

NetApp® Solutions

NetApp® dominates its innovative NetApp Data Fabric Architecture approach, is known for its clustered unified storage concept, the performance and reliability of its solutions, and continuous development to reflect the most demanding business requirements.


As a world leader in ALL Flash and hybrid solutions, it has a comprehensive range of products to achieve "uncompromising" fulfilment of all important aspects and goals of the solution.

It offers solutions for different types of loads and approaches: 


  • Data Storage Systems - Scale-Out NAS and SAN storage,
  • Object Storage - SW defined, object-based cloud storage platform,
  • Private Cloud Ecosystems,
  • NetApp Cloud Data Services,
  • Data protection and security.


AFF A-Series All Flash Arrays

Main benefits of NetApp AFF-A

AFF A-Series disk arrays combine top performance, efficiency, data management, and cloud integration.

Accelerate mission-critical applications with a modern NVMe-based SAN infrastructure.

They support end-to-end NVMe technology, NVMe-attached SSDs -> front-end NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe / FC).

They streamline the use of SSD capacity through online technologies for data reduction.

They offer high capacity density, up to 2PB per 4U system, while reducing energy and cooling costs.

Key characteristics of AFF-A

Data Access Protocols
High Availability
Active-active a symmetric active-active (pouze SAN) host připojení.
Nondisruptive maintenance, upgrade and scale-out clustering.
Multi-site resiliency for continuous data access.
Storage Efficiency
Inline data compression, deduplication and compaction.
Space-efficient LUN, file and volume cloning.
Automatic data tiering.
Cloud Integration


Data Management
Onboard GUI, REST APIs and automation integration.
AI-informed predictive analytics and corrective action.
Quality of Service (QoS) workload control.
Data Protection
Application-consistent Snapshot® copies and restore.
Integrated remote backup/disaster recovery.
Synchronous zero data loss replication.
Security and Compliance
Secure multitenant shared storage.
In-flight and data at-rest encryption.
Regulatory compliant data retention.



EF-Series Flash Arrays

Main benefits of NetApp EF-Series

EF Series arrays provide fast and consistent response times to speed up databases, high-performance computational and analytical tasks.

2,000,000 IOPS, or sub-100 microsecond SSD latency, meets the needs of extreme array performance. They are designed for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

Consistent microsecond response achieved by powerful end-to-end NVMe technology.

Key characteristics of EF-Series

Extreme Performance
Designed for mixed-workload environments, including big data analytics, technical computing, video surveillance, and backup and recovery.
Delivers more than 2M sustained IOPS and response times in microseconds.

Proven Simplicity
The modern, on-box, browser-based SANtricity System Manager GUI enables you to simplify deployment and get access to your data in under 10 minutes.


Advanced Data Protection
SANtricity DDP technology allows to simplify RAID management, improve data protection, and maintain predictable performance under all conditions.

Advanced data protection that is common to enterprise storage, features includes:
Snapshot copies, Volume copy, Asynchronous and Synchronous mirroring, Cloud backup.

High Availability and Enterprise Reliability


FAS Hybrid Flash Arrays

Main benefits of NetApp FAS-Series

Storage for shared NAS and SAN environments, file and block access in one system. Ideal for consolidating general business application data and distributed content.

A system that allows you to flexibly adapt to your ever-changing business needs in terms of scalability of capacity, performance, and connectivity.

Key characteristics of FAS-Series

Data Access Protocols

Consolidate Infrastructure
Scale up to 172PB, cluster with NetApp® All Flash FAS systems, and integrate existing third-party storage arrays.

Optimize for the Hybrid Cloud
Easily implement a service-oriented IT architecture that spans on-premises and cloud resources.


Accelerate Enterprise Applications
Flash Cache based on NVMe technology and Flash Pool aggregate are flash-based storage caching technologies, that you can use individually or together to increase storage efficiency.

Advanced data protection and efficiency
RAID-TEC™ (triple parity), RAID-DP®,
Inline deduplication, compression, compaction, and thin provisioning.


E-Series Hybrid Flash Arrays

Main benefits of NetApp E-Series

It is a hybrid storage solution for a wide range of mixed workloads with low acquisition and operating costs.

NetApp E-Series includes a range of high-performance storage systems optimized for your requirements. You get efficiency in all phases of media workflows (ingest, manage, produce, process, deliver, archive, and transact), and you can easily manage your digital libraries.

NetApp SANtricity software offers a combination of comprehensive features and ease of use.

Key characteristics of E-Series

Performance for media workloads
Up to 12GBps read/write performance per controller pair.

Massive sequential and random I/O that outperforms competitors in media workloads with low latency.

Sustained high bandwidth enables seamless recording and playout of media content. Preformance for video editing and finishing of ultra-high-definition (UHD) content.

Maximum Storage Density
Ultradense 60-drive 4U disk shelf.


Advanced data protection
NetApp Snapshot™ technology. Create and restore point-in-time copies of datasets in less than a second to protect against accidental data loss on the local array.

Volume copy. Create a complete physical copy (clone) of a volume for applications that require a full point-in-time copy of production data.

Synchronous mirroring over FC and Asynchronous over FC or IP.

Flexible and cost-effective Cloud backup.


NetApp ONTAP Select

Software Defined Storage (SDS)

The main benefits include flexible deployment using a commodity server with internal SAS, SSD, NVMe capacity and VMware, or KVM hypervisor.

It is possible to use the existing server infrastructure, HCI configuration, and external disk array.

It allows you to dynamically increase capacity by 1TB, easily move and replicate data in a hybrid cloud environment. 


It offers functionality like enterprise-class HW disk arrays such as data deduplication and compression, SnapMirror, etc.

It provides high data availability, including multi-site solutions – synchronous replication between two identical systems thanks to the ONTAP Select MetroCluster ™ SDS technology.

ONTAP Select SDS uses the ONTAP operating system, which is unified for the management of the entire NetApp platform.


ONTAP Select can be used with vSAN and, in addition to the NFS environment, to also obtain a solution with support for CIFS, or object storage, which does not support the FC protocol.

The product is licensed according to functions in three variants: standard, premium and premium XL and in terms of capacity as allocated or shared capacity, which can be used by multiple ONTAP Select nodes.

Minimum capacity is 1TB, max. up to 400TB.


Why choose our solutions and NetApp® technology?


NetApp is an American multinational company that has been providing data storage and management solutions since it was first established back in 1992. It is exceptional in this field in that it takes an innovative technological approach that reflects the dynamic needs of enterprises. It offers an extensive range of solutions designed to streamline processes, infrastructure, and operational costs, often referred to as cost-effective solutions.

NetApp is currently one of the leading manufacturers of data arrays - the technological cutting edge in this segment.


We are a major NetApp partner, outstanding in the individual approach it takes to dealing with customers’ particular needs.  We are a stable and authorized NetApp partner with considerable business and technical experience, offering not only analytical, design, and consulting services but also, through our certified specialists, installation, migration, and guaranteed 24x7 warranty and post-warranty services.

Our references include many successful projects implemented in this country and abroad for small businesses and large multinational enterprises.

Certified sales and technical team

We offer the services of our certified sales and technical specialists, who will be happy to guide you through the world of NetApp technology.




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