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Data Storage and Management Solutions

  Our company offers companies solutions for the storage and management of company data, the main of which is to ensure comprehensive, effective and secure access to company data.

We ensure the high availability of your data

Technologically advanced solutions

We place emphasis on security, availability and performance in our comprehensive data storage solutions. In doing so we use advanced technology that is highly effective and flexible for dealing with even the most complex of assignments.

Depending on the type and scope of the project we opt for proven and constantly innovative technology from NetApp, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HPE.

Security and high availability

In order to ensure the best results, the most important thing is to start by defining the risks and the nature of the data in question, for all related ICT services.

We strive to always design comprehensive solutions with the best RPO (Recovery Point Objective) availability indicator and reduce the data recovery point to zero loss. In order to achieve this we use suitable combinations of SLA and advanced backup and replication technology and cluster HA functions. In doing so we naturally take account of the RTO (Recovery Time Objective), i.e. the time needed to get an individual system back up and running.

Unified architecture and optimisation

Our solutions are predominantly based on disk devices with a unified architecture, which are able to offer a diversity of uses as regards access to SAN + NAS data (block FC/FCoE/iSCSI and NFS/CIFS file access), the flexibility to increase capacity and to scale out technology, and with sophisticated tools to optimise data storage and administration – deduplication, compression, tiering, thin provisioning, etc.

NetApp,Inc. technology

NetApp® Solutions

NetApp® holds a dominant position with its innovative approach (NetApp Data Fabric Architecture), and is renowned for its concept of clusterable unified storage, the performance and reliability of the solutions it offers, and its constant development in response to the most demanding of business needs.

As the world leader in ALL Flash and hybrid solutions NetApp has a comprehensive range of products enabling it to fulfil all the important aspects and requirements involved in the solution without having to compromise. Its position on the market is enhanced by the most extensive portfolio of All-Flash disk arrays - NetApp All Flash FAS, NetApp  All Flash E-Series and software-defined platform NetApp SolidFire® Element®.


NetApp® All Flash FAS (AFF)

  • Extensive model line built on solid state drives SSD with scalable IOPS platform performance with latency up to 1ms.
  • In the basic configuration, all protocols for block and file access (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS, SMB) and software are available - SnapRestore® , SnapMirror® , SnapVault, FlexClone® , SnapManager Suite® , Single Mailbox, Recovery(SMBR), SnapCenter® Foundation.
  • INLINE - deduplication, data compression, and data compaction to increase storage efficiency.
  • Multi-Tenancy - Data Storage Virtual Machines (SVM) are the fundamental unit of secure multi-tenancy in Data ONTAP.
  • NetApp Storage QoS.
  • FlexGroup - FlexGroup volume is a scale-out NAS container that provides high performance along with automatic load distribution and scalability.
  • RAID-DP®  - protections against double disk failure with double parity RAID 6.
  • ONTAP - storage OS - extensive management and integration tools and support for various OSs and applications.

NetApp® All Flash EF-Serie

  • Model series optimized for extreme performance and throughput, built on solid-state drives, providing a continuous IOPS performance exceeding 850k with latency up to 1ms.
  • Block access (FC, FCoE, iSCSI protocols)
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP)

SANtricity® storage operating system :

  • Dynamic volume expansion, capacity expansion, RAID-level migration, segment size migration
  • SANtricity synchronous, and asynchronous mirroring , SANtricity® Volume copy, SANtricity Snapshot™image, SANtricity Thin Provisioning with UNMAP
  • NetApp AutoSupport® automatic support system, persistent monitor
  • Online SANtricity® OS upgrades a nondisruptive firmware upgrades
  • SANtricity® Drive Encryption
  • Extensive management and integration tools, support for open management - Web Services Proxy, OpenStack Cinder, PowerShell Toolkit

NetApp® Hybrid-flash FAS

The NetApp FAS modular hybrid-flash data system is built on the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture, which is designed for consistent high performance  - for SAN and NAS workload. All protocols for block and file access are available (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB), offers the best Flash Acceleration Technology on the market - Flash Pool™, FlexCache®. The platform also allows :

  • Data protection RAID-TEC™ (triple parity), RAID-DP® a Snapshot
  • Scale out storage system - up to 172PB
  • Unified data management flash-disk drive-cloud
  • High-speed 32Gb FC a 40GbE connection
  • NetApp FlexGroup - data container up to 20PB
  • Multi-Tenancy solutions - SVM, Storage QoS
  • NetApp FlexVol®, deduplication, data compression, thin-provisioning
  • Software SnapRestore®, SnapMirror®, SnapVault, FlexClone®


NetApp® Fabric MetroCluster™

NetApp MetroCluster™ technology enables you to create a logical data storage sytem spread across two data centers . The data is at both physical locations at the same time. The solution is totally resistant to the failure of any part of the data center.  MetroCluster ensures maximum availability of your data - the system runs in the event of a site failure, upgrade or firmware update.

NetApp MetroCluster benefits:

  • Great security and availability of enterprise data
  • RPO (recovery point objective) equal to zero
  • RTO (recovery time objective) approaching zero
  • Transparent data mirroring - administrator does not have to set any rules

ONTAP® Storage Operating System

NetApp offers traditional ONTAP® and SANtricity® versions as well as cloud compliant environments - NetApp Cloud ONTAP and Select ONTAP. Storage OS has great integration support for hosts and applications - Oracle®, SAP®, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint®, VMware vSphere®, Hyper-V®.

For example for VMware allows full integration to the level of storage management via vCenter vSphere, supports technology - VAAI and VASA (VMware 5.5 and higher) , VMware VVOL and  VMware vStorage API for Data Protection.

NetApp storage operating system offers complex sophisticated features and methods for data management and storage, clear central orchestration tools and monitoring and performance tools.


Why choose our solutions and NetApp® technology?


NetApp is an American multinational company that has been providing data storage and management solutions since it was first established back in 1992. It is exceptional in this field in that it takes an innovative technological approach that reflects the dynamic needs of enterprises. It offers an extensive range of solutions designed to streamline processes, infrastructure and operational costs, often referred to as cost-effective solutions.

NetApp is currently one of the leading manufacturers of data arrays, the technological cutting edge in this segment. It is consistently listed in the "Leaders" quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant assessment.


SALTO is a major NetApp partner, one that is outstanding in the individual approach it takes to dealing with customers’ particular needs. We are a stable and authorised NetApp partner with considerable business and technical experience, offering not only analytical, design and consulting services but also, through our certified specialists, installation, migration and guaranteed 24x7 warranty and post-warranty services.

Our references include many successful projects implemented in this country and abroad for small businesses and large multinational enterprises.

Certified sales and technical team

We offer the services of our certified sales and technical specialists, who will be happy to guide you through the world of NetApp technology.


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Comprehensive and professional ICT services

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NetApp Professional Services and Support Services Certified Partner

Once again, this year we have become the most successful Czech partner for NetApp.

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SALTO is a private Czech company which for a long time now has been successfully specialising in the provision of complex solutions and professional services in the field of information and communications technology while showing respect for its competitors.

More than 25 years on the market

In 2015 our company achieved an important milestone, celebrating a quarter of a century on the Czech market. Thank you to all our customers for their support and trust.

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