We are happy to implement even highly complex assignments

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the field, in which we have been successfully specialising for many years now.

Project Management and Rollout

Our experienced Project Manager

We provide the customer with an experienced Project Manager who uses our own methodology to guarantee that procedurally complex projects are properly managed. Our philosophy involves the applications of procedures that are highly interactive in relation to the customer.


The Project Manager underpins everything that is important, such as transparent planning, time alignment and phasing with regard to the technological sequence of the implementation process, managing continuity based on the status of individual phases of implementation.



The Project Manager takes care of controlling the escalation of non-projected states, change management, risk management, management of project costs, identification, quantification, and elimination of risks, provision of comprehensive project supervision, and administration of project documentation.


Implementation work

Installation, configuration, migration

We perform a wide range of technical activities as part of the project managed process, and also isolated activities.
Many customers also use the services of our technical specialists due to our professional approach to each activity, regardless of the extent of the work.

Operational staff training

Training for operators and administrators is an integral part of our solution. With larger units, this training is held together with the implementation process but also separately with regard to the customer's needs in the areas of configuration and operation. The training can also focus on the various information technologies offered.

Testing environment

If necessary, we use our own infrastructure in projects where there is the need for temporary backups or capacity or performance enhancements for systems during the course of the migration process and the work we provide, but also for the needs of testing and verification of implementation procedures.

Other services

Surveillance and monitoring

We provide proactive surveillance services for key components of your data centre's infrastructure - LAN/WLAN networks, data storage, computing systems, etc., including reporting and reactive services based on a defined SLA.

We offer surveillance services as part of 24/7 Support and Service.

Servicing "On Demand"

We can repair your devices and offer service work at the installation site, including configuration and integration work, short-term service work, etc.

We provide you with support for technology no longer supported by the manufacturer (End of Support).

...but also

  • Loans and short-term hire of entire systems or just components for a temporary performance or capacity boost or for testing purposes.
  • Removing data from carriers optional in our SLA.
  • Moving ICT equipment
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal of systems no longer needed.

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