Storage Area Network - SAN is a separate high-speed data network designed for server access to external devices, such as data storage, data backup devices, etc.

Storage Area Network

Main benefits of SAN

Storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated data network that is used to connect external devices such as disk arrays and backup devices to servers and computing systems.
Main benefits of SAN:

  • Physical data and server separation, individual SAN elements can be up to tens of kilometres apart.
  • Sharing resources between servers and disk or backup systems, providing redundant paths to these resources.
  • High availability and network security - no single point of failure architecture, cluster, and Disaster Recovery Site solutions support.
  • Throughput, scalability, and more.

SAN technology

SANs use Fibre Channel or Ethernet technology, appropriate cabling, and active network elements

Network communication is provided by the iSCSI and FCP protocols. The standard SCSI protocol performs its own work with data (I/O operations).

In SAN, block data is transferred between the source (Initiator) by default server and destination (Target), which is primarily a disk array.

iSCSI SAN - uses the iSCSI protocol, metallic (Copper), or optical (Optical Fibre) cables.

It is used mainly for smaller infrastructures.


Ethernet switches are used to create the iSCSI SAN network itself; communication on the server side is provided by standard network cards (NIC) and software iSCSI initiators, or iSCSI HBA adapters.

Fibre Channel SAN - uses FCP protocol, optical (Optical Fibre) cables, and special FC switches (SANswitches).  It is used for large infrastructures and topologies.

FCoE SAN - Converged Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) technology, where FC frames are encapsulated in Ethernet, uses classic Ethernet switches with FCoE support.

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Fibre Channel SAN

Broadcom® Fiber Channel technology

Broadcom® is a leader in SANs for data centres and metropolitan networks. It has the largest portfolio of network storage solutions and converged network environments.

As part of an extensive OEM partnership, Brocade SAN fabric products are offered by most HW manufacturers (IBM, NetApp, HPE, DELL, Lenovo, etc.). Key Brocade products for FC SAN:


  • Backbone SAN Directory for enterprise solutions with the highest throughput, availability, and scalability - Brocade® DCX® up to 512 ports in one box.
  • Affordable solutions for small/medium enterprises - Brocade® switches with 16/32Gbps port speed support.
  • The Broadcom’s NVMe over FC solution allows FCP and FC-NVMe protocols to run simultaneously on the same infrastructure. 


  • Fabric Vision makes the network visible and supports highly automated management functions. Allows you to quickly identify reduced application performance at the host and storage levels.
  • Blade Server I/O modules, transceiver modules and FC Host Bus Adapters.
  • Brocade® Network Advisor (BNA) for management and monitoring.
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Our SAN services

We provide comprehensive services for customers from the design of the network topology, through the supply of passive and active components (FC SAN switches, SFPs), complete implementation of optical connections, to the overall support of the environment.

We provide redundant connections and Multi-Path configuration of individual hosts with different types of operating systems. Deployment of centralized tools for monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting SAN environments.

We offer solution support and service not only for SAN switches but also for guests and external devices connected to the SAN.
Our 24/7 Support and Service services can be used for Storage Networking.

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