Solutions for your ICT infrastructure with low operational complexity and a high degree of flexibility and security.

Hyperconverged infrastructure


Today, great emphasis is placed on the effective and fastest possible response of ICT and systems to the business requirements of the company. Today's applications have a much greater impact on IT architecture and infrastructure in the areas of computing power, communications networks, and storage.


Hyperconverged solutions are the result of dynamically growing demands on data centre infrastructure, related primarily to the use of cloud environments, big data technologies, an increase in the volume of diverse data, and current trends in mobility.




The goal is a fully software-defined environment with almost unlimited flexibility in previously separate component resources, now integrated into a single unit with a single point of management. HCI simplifies the day-to-day management of ICT, a high degree of automation and reliability.

HCI technology for Data Centers

NetApp® HCI solution

NetApp® HCI is a next-generation hyperconverged data centre infrastructure that delivers predictable performance on a highly flexible and efficient architecture that is easy to deploy and manage.

It brings the simplicity of installation and management, independent scaling of computing power and storage capacity, and granular control of performance per VM.

NetApp® HCI optimizes your infrastructure costs, maximizes performance and capacity, and prevents unnecessary overprovision.


NetApp® HCI allows you to consolidate all your workloads, thus running a large number of different applications on one platform and assigning each of them its own guaranteed performance.
Key features include:

Flexibility and scalability - independently scales performance and storage capacity.

Performance guarantee - consolidates mixed loads, offers predictable performance, granular control at the VM.

Automated infrastructure - offers powerful automated management, robust API ecosystem.


NetApp Data Fabric - enables optimization and protection of all data, arbitrary data transfer between on-premise solutions and the cloud, implementation of a number of hybrid scenarios.

Easy management from VMware vCentre, including monitoring and easy installation using the NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE).




HPE SimpliVity

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's highly efficient hyperconverged solution unifies your ICT infrastructure and data services into a single platform, integrated, and scalable x86 all-flash system.

It simplifies your IT operations management, support, and solution deployment, consolidates a variety of workloads, increases performance, operational efficiency, and protects your data.



Cisco HyperFlex™

Cisco HyperFlex unifies UCS compute servers, the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform software-defined disk subsystem, and software-defined networks.

It enables massive scalability and flexibility by supporting adaptive and independent increase and decrease in computing, network, and storage capacity, and a high performance distributed file system with a wide range of data management services. 



VMware vSphere® and vSAN

VMware® is an important global provider of hyperconverged infrastructure software using VMware vSphere® and vSAN products.

It offers a universal application platform supporting a wide range of loads, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data, enterprise systems, native cloud applications, databases running in memory, and more. 




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