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Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Converged network technology

LAN and SAN consolidation and convergence

It is very demanding to implement and maintain two separate LAN and SAN networks in terms of both costs and processes. The main benefit of unified infrastructure for data communication is primarily that it cuts the costs associated with implementing an SAN network over a Fibre Channel.  Due to the affordability and falling costs of 10GbE and Multi-Gigabit Ethernet solutions, convergent network infrastructure using Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) technology has become the basis of modern data centres.

FCoE management is at the host level; storage and switches are the same is with FC and the technology retains all the same functional principles; Ethernet is used solely for transmission.

Cisco converged switches

FCoE is one of the major components of Cisco Unified Data Center that enables multiprotocol networking for UCS servers, Cisco Nexus, and Cisco MDS platforms. In our solutions, we primarily use Cisco Unified Fabric portfolio and Cisco Unified Fabric platforms, Cisco Unixus® switches with FCoE support to enable FIP Snooping Bridge, NPV and FCF. CISCO Nexus offers high availability, security and performance with extremely low latency.

Like CISCO MDS Fiber Channel switches, the Cisco Nexus family switches use the Cisco NX-OS's - modular and scalable Cisco operating system.

CISCO Nexus®

The basic feature of the switch is Cisco DCE (Data Center Ethernet) technology that provides lossless data transfer over an Ethernet network. Priority Float Control allows you to divide the 10Gb band into eight independent channels - implement the data transmission separately including guaranteed congestion notification.  DCE provides the management of eight queues with the option of setting a priority queue for lossless data transmission over the FCoE, but also over IP protocol - iSCSI or CIFS.

FlexPod® - Flexible platform for data centres

FlexPod® - Flexible platform for data centres

NetApp and CISCO have developed FlexPod technology as an effective integrated solution for data centres, which draws upon the power of UCS servers, CISCO network solutions and NetApp data storage. FlexPod is offered in a wide variety of validated designs, which are certified for various types of virtualization and applications. The main benefit of this concept is therefore that it takes little time to deploy in your production programme and is guaranteed to function as a single unit. The platform ensures the provision of infrastructure in various environments.

FlexPod with NetApp FAS flash technology and Cisco ACIinfrastructure enables suitable, configured resources to be ensured for applications using pre-prepared profiles, which can easily be switched. Profiles are rules, sets of parameters for various infrastructure types and needs, selected in line with the application in question. They contain definitions of computing, network and data resources - cloud, flash, SAS accelerated, with rotary discs, etc. More+

Benefits of the FlexPod® solution

  • The FlexPod architecture increases the efficiency and flexibility of Data Center infrastructure - one platform scalable to the needs of different applications.
  • Helps minimize the risks - FlexPod Validated Designs
  • Speed Deployment - improve IT agility and reduce deployment time from months to weeks with a flexible, prevalidated architecture that shortens the time needed to design, plan, and test.
  • Enhance Efficiency slash both administration time and TCO by 50% with a converged virtualized infrastructure that is easier to manage and more efficiently stores data than the alternatives.
  • Cooperative support to speed problem resolution - a partnership between NetApp,Cisco, and our technology partners Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and RedHat.
  • The FlexPod platform has been pretested and jointly validated with popular hypervisors, operating systems, applications, and infrastructure software, including: VMware vSphere®,Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Oracle® (RAC, JD Edwards, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM Server),SAP®, Microsoft® Exchange, SQL Server® and SharePoint® etc.

FlexPod® in the world of server virtualization

FlexPod supports and integrates virtualized server solutions based on hypervisorsHyper-V®, Oracle VM, VMware® vSphere®, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor.

Comprehensive solution VMware® vSphere™ on FlexPod™ with integrated technologies NetApp, Cisco, VMware and cooperative support.

  • VMware® vSphere™, VMware vCenter™
  • Cisco Unified Computing System™ and model series of switches Cisco Nexus®
  • NetApp® FAS / AFF with Data ONTAP® and common solution components


Why a FlexPod® solution from us?

We have comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in server infrastructure, Cisco networks and NetApp disk arrays, i.e. all subcomponents of the FlexPod solution. Not only can we suggest the optimal configuration of the FlexPod solution tailored precisely to your application, we also offer complete implementation and operational security.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Why hyperconverged architecture?

Nowadays great emphasis is placed on information technology and systems responding effectively and as quickly as possible to a business’s requirements. The latest applications are now far more influenced by IT architecture and infrastructure as regards computing power, communications networks and data storage. Hyperconverged solutions are the result of the dynamically increasing requirements for infrastructure, particularly in connection with the use of cloud environments, big data technology, the increasing volume of diverse data and current mobility trends.

The aim is a fully software defined environment with the almost unlimited resource flexibility of components that were formerly separated, now integrated into a single unit.

Cisco HyperFlex™

Cisco HyperFlex combines - Cisco computing servers Unified Computing System (UCS), software-defined disk subsystems Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform and software-defined networks (SDN) Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure™(ACI).

Cisco HyperFlex extends the portfolio of solutions for software-defined infrastructure in the form of a complex IT infrastructure in one unit.

It enables massive scalability and flexibility, supporting the adaptive and independent increase and decrease of computing, networking and storage capacity. It offers high performance distributed file system with a wide range of data management services.  More +

HPE HC 380 Virtualization

It is a virtualization solution for small and medium businesses converging servers, repositories, and networks. It is built on the ProLiant platform ™(min two nodes) with interface Hyper Converged UX and on HPE OneView.

The solution is available in a variety of performance variants, with simple integrated management and management tools.

The HPE HC380 uses the VMware virtualization platform and internal storage capacity of the ProLiant DL380 G9 as a software defined storage (HPE StoreVirtual VSA).

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