a project is the foundation for a good build

ICT project design work

Step by step in the right direction.

We use our own methodology to offer customers the chance to grasp even the most demanding requirements on information technology.

Analysis of "business" requirements and plans

Analysis of requirements and baseline assessment

We consult with the customer to define the target attributes and plans with regard to the customer’s in-house standards and potential.

Analysis of available resources

One important step in choosing an effective strategy for a solution is to obtain information about HR availability in the customer’s IT department, the current situation and the utilization of existing ICT resources.

Time schedule for completion of the plan

An important aspect of dealing with the customer’s requirements is a schedule, giving an idea of when the customer plans or needs to implement or start using the solution in their business.

Feasibility studies for solutions and choice of strategy

Aims of the studies

To present the customer with a clear idea of the concept, the solution methods, technological options, advantages and risks as well as an approximate estimate of the costs of the individual variants.

Choice of a suitable solution and strategy

Based on the findings from the studies we work with the customer to make a qualified selection of the variant and strategy to be elaborated upon, and verify key attributes of the solution wherever necessary.

Drafting the operational support concept

When selecting the strategy it is important to be aware of the operational aspects of the different possible variants. Not only from a technical perspective but also as regards costs over time, thus enabling us to achieve an optimal and effective TCO setup.

Proof of Concept to minimise risks

Proof of Concept (POC)

Given the extensive scope or complexity of certain specific requirements, the dependence on the compatibility of existing ICT HW and SW components, operational requirements and the defined functional attributes of the solution we offer customers the chance to verify the concept we propose.

Comparing products and their parameters

If various different products with can be used to achieve the same aim in a particular solution, we offer a comparison of product parameters, e.g. for the customer’s test infrastructure or in our data centre.

Creation of Project Documentation

Project documentation

Based on previous initial findings we draw up the Project Documentation for the desired ICT within the agreed scope. This is a detailed and comprehensive description containing the benefits, risks, the technology used, the way it is operated and time harmonisation, as well as implementation and migration processes.

Applicability of project documentation

The document is structured to reflect individual customers’ in-house presentation needs. It contains sections detailing the plan for the company management, an analysis of profitability and investment protection for financial controlling and, of course, the technical parameters of the solution, including a description of the implementation procedures.

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