With our own sophisticated methodology, we offer customers the opportunity to grasp and implement even very demanding requirements.

Analysis of "business" requirements

Intention of customer

Together with the customer, we define the attributes of the target state and the intention with regard to his internal company standards so that it is possible to evaluate the quality of project goals (SMARTER), we analyze the initial state.

Available resources

In order to choose an effective strategy for solving the requirement, it is a necessary point to obtain information about the availability of human resources in the customer's IT department, the current state and usability of existing ICT resources.

Time schedule

An important aspect of solving the requirement is the time plan that must reflect the customer's obligation to implement and use the new solution, and hence determining the time required for each phase of the project.


Feasibility studies and choice of strategy

Pre-project study

We will prepare a pre-project study, including an opportunistic view of the solution of the situation and a summary SWOT analysis of the project.

We will present to you in a comprehensive form the concept, methods of solution, technological possibilities, advantages, and risks, or indicative financial demands of individual variants, from the point of view of the opportunity study and feasibility study.


When selecting the strategy, it is important to be aware of the operational aspects of the different possible variants, not only from a technical perspective but also as regards costs over time, thus enabling us to achieve an optimal and effective TCO setup.

The study also focuses on various ways of eliminating risks, previous experience in the field, organizational impacts, use of resources, etc.  

Choice of solution and strategy

Based on the findings from the presented pre-project study, you can then make a qualified selection of variants and strategies for more detailed elaboration or possible verification of key attributes of the solution.

For example, by implementing POC - Proof of Concept to confirm the required specifics and minimize risks realistically.

Minimizing Risks

Proof of Concept (POC)

Given the extensive scope or complexity of certain specific requirements, the dependence on the compatibility of existing ICT HW and SW components, operational requirements, and the defined functional attributes of the solution, we offer customers the chance to verify the concept we propose.

Comparing solutions

If various different products can be used to achieve the same aim in a particular solution, we offer a comparison of product parameters, e.g. for the customer's test infrastructure or in our data centre.

Effective risk management

Our experienced project manager will ensure the minimization of risks with the right strategy using the methodology of identification, quantification, elimination, and process monitoring. It will help you avoid frequent mistakes in planning, project dependencies, human resource management, etc.


Documentation and Evidence

Project documentation

From the beginning of setting up and starting the project, it is important to keep and administer project documentation, i.e. the project manager's diary containing records of notes as a summary of gradually acquired knowledge, minutes from meetings with the Project Committee, or its decision.


Furthermore, keep records of all open activities, the Register of Risks and Quality containing a summary of identified risks, their current status, and development, information on planned and completed activities in the field of quality. But also administer project documentation during project setup and implementation.


After implementing the project, you will receive a comprehensive final report in the form of Project Documentation of the solution, containing a detailed and comprehensive description of the solution, technology used, settings and recommendations, operation, and evaluation of the project concerning the defined plan.

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